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Technical explanation of the SOFT cups by DELISSEA

  1. Thin slightly curved drinking rim for delicate and optimal tasting and better positioning of the coffee on the tongue, to coat all the taste buds.
  2. Concave cup base allows double oxygenation with a beautiful creamy texture.
  3. Isostatic underside (3 points) for greater stability. No more water retention, dishwasher-safe.
  4. Patented interior spiral, calculated both in its inclination and slope, to help aerate your coffee. Release of all the coffee's delicate aromas, without the sensation of coffee acidity on the nose, with controlled bitterness on the palate.

Controlled bitterness, more roundness with coffee positioned in the middle of the tongue. The use of sugar becomes superfluous...

Suitable temperature, the coffee is no longer scorching hot, allowing optimal tasting with subtlety and finesse, without sanitizing the first taste buds on the front of the tongue (Certification n° RES 210394 by the SGS laboratory).

Stylised and ambidextrous handle. Left-handers will no longer be disadvantaged...

DELISSEA is at the service of coffee.



Who is the creator and founder of the brand ?

23 years of experience in the tableware industry have enabled Arnaud Baratte to design and refine, down to the smallest detail, several innovative and functional glassware collections.

The first, OPEN UP, created for Arc International, has sold millions of units worldwide, and was awarded the JANUS DE L'INDUSTRIE 2006, presented in the French Senate by Christine Lagarde, Minister for Foreign Trade at the time.

The second, HELICIUM, a new concept of four high-end technical tasting glasses, with which he won the TALENTS BGE competition in 2009 for Technical and Technological Innovation, in 2010 for Innovation awarded by OSEO (now BPI), and finally the JANUS DE L'INDUSTRIE in 2010, with the Eco Design Mention in 2011, by the Institut Français du Design, awarded to the Conseil Économique, Social et Environnemental. In 2013, HELICIUM 33cl was used for the World's Best Barista Competition in Melbourne in Australia. It was at this point that the coffee took on a whole new dimension for Arnaud Baratte.

Through various meetings, Arnaud Baratte makes a point of involving great tasters, including the American Robert Parker, in the progress of his work. If we take up the 3 senses of tasting: sight, smell and taste, we realize that in most cases, the glass is a coveted instrument, capable of conveying a real message. "My philosophy is that the container determines the content, and that it serves the content," stresses its creator.

With a scientific and technical background, he took great pleasure in matching the shape, design and technique of a glass with the bouquet and flavor of the wines.

From Wine to Coffee

Following on from this study, which demonstrated the importance of the container in wine tasting, he decided to take a closer look at coffee tasting with a container worthy of the name.

He realized that tasting coffee is very similar to tasting wine. With a first nose, a second nose and then the persistence on the palate and its length, measured in caudalies.

The collection of four cups he has created, called SOFT by DELISSEA, is both aesthetic and innovative. It is protected by a patent for its technical features and by registered designs for its unique design aesthetics. It is made of porcelain, but can also be made of other materials.

It is the fruit of specific manufacturing and supply know-how: months of research and design, culminating in prototypes that have been validated by professional Roasters and Baristas. Every detail has been thought through, inside and out: shape, size, thickness of porcelain, grip, and so on.

Thanks to these cups, enjoying coffee, tea, chocolate, latte, cappuccino, etc., is unique and takes on a whole new meaning... When you pour your favorite hot beverage from a pressure or vacuum machine ("slow coffee"), this process ensures that the coffee creamer is not damaged. A highly aromatic olfactory development, using double turbulence, is then conceived. We know that with coffee, the aromas are under the foam, but thanks to this process, the delicate and subtle aromas of the coffee are brought out while keeping a tigerish aspect to the foam and without having the "burnt" or "acid" side of the coffee.

In terms of taste, the shape of the cup and its rim bring the coffee to a precise point on the taste buds*, allowing for more complex aromas, controlled bitterness, greater roundness and a long finish. The coffee is more delicate and the aromas more complex.

In December 2018, this collection of SOFT by DELISSEA cups won the JANUS DU SENSORIEL, a label of excellence awarded by the Institut Français du Design, which recognized the cup's Design, but also its sensoriality, during a comparative tasting test with a Jury of professionals. So we have come full circle...
On October 31, 2021, the DELISSEA Expresso Cup won the Gold Medal at the Concours Lépine International Paris 2021. This competition rewards the world's best inventions.

The partnership between Arnaud BARATTE and RAK PORCELAIN for the porcelain manufacturing part is part of a commitment to success.

* Taste buds: Sweet (front), Salty (side), Sour (side and bottom), Bitter (back of tongue)

Médaille d'or lépine 2021

Médaille d'argent lépine 2023